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Peaceful protest coming to Nassau County



Nassau County, N.Y – It all started when First Amendment activist Long Island Audit (LIA) made his first visit to the Nassau County Department of Health and Human Services to exercise our constitutional (not constitutional privileges). During his interactions with the department staff and the Nassau County police, LIA was able to exercise his rights without being arrested but the police told him he could not do it the next day.

The next day LIA decided to challenge the unconstitutional policy which the police were only too happy to enforce illegally to illegally and unconstitutionally arrest LIA for several hours.

Just when you think we will be able to easily hold our local government and government officials accountable under the First Amendment LIA was issued 8 PFA’s which include 6 staff members and 2 police officers which are legally unwarranted, it is an attempt to trap LIA into violating the PFA as an excuse to arrest him for anything they can find. LIA faced even more harassment when the Nassau County police decided to cross county lines to arrest LIA at his home.

On Saturday, October 28 LIA is organizing a peaceful protest at the Nassau County Executive & Legislator Building Courtyard 1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola, NY 11501 to promote accountability and transparency from Nassau County.

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human lives matter shirt header

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