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The little mermaid live action, 0% woke, and very kid friendly



There have been a lot of complaints over the live-action The little mermaid movie before its official release so I decided to watch it for myself to give this movie review to compare to the 1989 animated movie.

This movie is everything you have seen in the animated film. Ariel is fascinated with being on the surface world with an overprotective father saying no but until the live-action movie, we never knew exactly why.

Ursula of course used this to her advantage in a plot to take King Tritan’s power and Kingdom by exploiting Ariel’s desire to be on the surface world and for wanting the man she saved from drowning. There is an added twist to this story which makes it a bit more interesting and this Ursula is a bit more wicked.

I do not want to give too much of this movie away in case you have not seen it but I do promise it is 0% woke, it does not show any of the LGBTQ, and the only big difference is it is in another universe where Ariel is black instead of white. It is the difference between a white Spiderman (Peter Parker) and a black Spiderman (Miles Morales) in which no one bat an eye on.

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