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Candidate Shawn burger wants to help fix Pennsylvania



It is no secret that many Pennsylvanians want to see many changes going on with being the fifteenth highest tax rates in America forty-second population growth, fourth eighth business growth, second-highest gas taxes, forty-eighth lost population, and 1.5% in unemployment rates.

Candidate Pennsylvania Governor Shawn Berger wants to impact changes as a business owner and a supporter of local businesses. As a supporter, he hired a 19-year-old who just started out to design the beautiful, lit-up metal frame that surrounds the bar at American Lobster. In the time of his campaigning, he has been hiring and going through all local, small businesses from our own team members to 15-year-old button designers. As a restaurant owner, he found a unique way to recycle used vegetable oil into diesel fuel. He plans to work with farmer’s closely to create new ways to recycle used cooking oils from restaurants

Shawn still has run into problems as many businesses in Pennsylvania are facing today with going up against the benefits from hiring people only to not show up to work to continue with the government benefits. Shawn plans to have a 30-day accountability plan where one must be seeking and keeping their jobs.

Gas prices are no secret have been a problem since President Biden reversed the pipeline work that kept us energy dependant which President Trump started to keep the gas prices under $3.00/gallon. Shawn plans to work with farmers to create recycling programs from used vegetable oil from restaurants for diesel fuel. The plan is to make fuel cheaper for trucking companies that rely on diesel fuel which in turn lowers the costs to the everyday things we buy which will include gas.

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Overspending has been a very big issue in American politics which causes the American people to be overtaxed which Shawn plans to combat by hiring a third party auditor which will not be influenced by any government official to audit the spending and cut spending where we can start having a surplus in the state of Pennsylvania once again which in turn will decrease taxes for Pennsylvanians.

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