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Church Auditor

Welcome to the Church Auditor division of WRGOA, just as we see the news media and government both corrupted we also see a very corrupted church.

Many bible “believers” are honoring God with their lips but their hearts are very far from God as many refuse to repent and turn away from their sins.

The legalistic side is the Pharisees who “keep” the law while in “church” but when they leave the “church” doors they have a very liberal way of thinking which makes them hypocritical.

The liberal is the Sadducees who hide behind Christ’s forgiveness without realizing that Christ only forgives those who repent and turn away from their sins.

The liberal “church” is the biggest problem in America as many of them do not know their bibles which includes pastors themselves. They are all about their feelings for one another, or about what they “feel” called to do.

The Church Christ built has no denominations (such as methodists or baptists) or any fancy religious names (like Catholics), we either follow Christ or we do not, and comparing our actions and reactions to the word of God will determine everything.

As a citizen of heaven, I will be auditing churches throughout the nation and having devotionals that will have some hard truths in them. This is not to bring anyone down but to share the total truth of the scriptures which will do 1 of 2 things:

  1. it will help us grow in our faith not just in knowledge but also in obedience to the commands given to us
  2. It will reveal that people really have not repented and need to be kicked out of church membership and the church itself until they have repented of their sins
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