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Bethlehem Mayor Bob Donchez announced today that the Bethlehem Health Bureau has received an initial allotment of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine



The Bethlehem Health Bureau will begin vaccinating individuals in the first phase priority group, as defined by the Pennsylvania Department of Health, this week.“This vaccine is critical in stopping the spread of COVID-19 and I encourage everyone who is eligible to get immunized,” Mayor Bob Donchez stated.The Bethlehem Health Bureau is coordinating vaccination efforts for healthcare workers with the Allentown Health Bureau, Lehigh Valley Health Network and St. Luke’s University Health Network.

Walgreens and CVS will begin vaccinating residents and employees in long-term care facilities this week as well.The Bethlehem Health Bureau will distribute vaccine to the following priority populations in the City of Bethlehem and Northampton County during the first phase: home health care workers, school nurses, college and university health center staff, independent physicians, dermatologists, dentists, eye doctors, coroners and podiatrists. Any agency that is interested in receiving the Moderna vaccine and is part of the 1A priority group is encouraged to register by going to the City of Bethlehem’s COVID-19 webpage at…/Communicable…/COVID-19 and click under the vaccines tab or go directly to the following link:

The Bethlehem Health Bureau is expected to receive vaccine shipments on a weekly basis. Following the distribution to the priority 1A group, the health bureau will provide vaccines to additional groups, including first responders and essential workers. Timing of the vaccine for the general public is not yet known at this time. The Bethlehem Health Bureau will continue to provide updates as to when the vaccine will be made available to additional groups.

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