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Terminated employees and Gracedale nursing home residents speak out of horrible conditions



Northampton Pa– Steve Lynch has invited the media to Gracedale, a county-run nursing home to listen to individuals who have been terminated from their jobs and from the residents who cannot receive proper care due to lack of staffing.

In many cases since last year being unvaccinated was the primary reason although many have reported that we can still catch Covid-19 even if vaccinated. Many have said they turned in religious exemptions in which their religious rights have been violated although in a WFMZ report McClure claims to have used a questionnaire devised by the University of Pennsylvania.

WRGOA sent an Email about the statute (or act) that would require the nursing home from this federal “requirement” in which we never received an answer as we usually never do get an answer from his administration.

the full, unedited version video.

Lynn Gerber a resident of Gracedale nursing home says the problems is not limited to gracedale but to the healthcare all throughout the United States healthcare. New employees who received a hiring bonus stayed only until they were eligible to receive their bonus than they quit while those who stayed did not receive any bonus at all.

Nick Barnes said who had been an employee at gracedale says administrations have come and go but things have never been as bad as they are now. The only time when they receive help is when the state is in but without state accountability things go back to normal operations being short on staff.

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A resident had to call 911 she had to be changed sitting in poop, she says that not only the residents are suffering but also the employees who work like slaves.

WRGOA has sent an email to the McClure administration about act 102 but never received a reply. WRGOA has also sent in a freedom of request for all salaries, raises, and bonsus given within the last 2 years and have not heard back as well. Could they be breaking the 13th amendment section 1 which is supposed to prevent slavery?

We will keep an eye on gracedale nursing home keep you updated as we receive more information,

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