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Mayor Tuerk has a message for the people of Allentown and the Allentown Parking Authority



Allentown, Pa – the residents are asking for help against the abuse from the Allentown Parking Authority from posting on the city of Allentown page to expressing their concerns at city hall meetings which seem to go in vain.

Mayor Matt Tuerk shares the following message which urges the Allentown Parking Authority to take action to improve the service provided to Allentown residents at its next Board Meeting on Wednesday, April 26:

“I was disappointed to see the poor decision-making and discretion exercised by the Allentown Parking Authority this weekend.

I urge and expect the Allentown Parking Authority Board to take action to improve the service provided to our residents at the Board Meeting this Wednesday.

If this continued abuse of power is not addressed and action is not taken, I will be forced to use my powers as Mayor to encourage responsible management of the Allentown Parking Authority.”

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