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The Sound of Freedom



Almost a month after the sound of Freedom was released in the theaters it opens the eyes to how easy it is to be a victim of child trafficking in the most deceptive way from the beginning of the movie.

Based on the true story of Tim Ballard who was a former US agent who quit his job to devote his time to rescuing children through his organization’s operation underground railroad.

The things I have taken from this movie is how evil always invents new ways to do the most evil things through what normal people would think is safe for them and their kids.

I also would like to say before you leave your kids alone with anyone investigate the business through your state business directory to check to see if their business is legitimate, this is how you can also check on scammers who may go into your Facebook inbox.

This is a must-see movie if you have seen this movie please consider making a donation to us or buying a HUMAN LIVES MATTER t-shirt so we can help those who may not be able to afford a movie ticket to go see it.

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