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Denying Jesus in your business?



In many businesses I have seen many to profess to be Christian and as I walk into their businesses or look at their websites I see nothing proclaiming the love of Christ. As many of them speak they do not share Christ or share very little about him.

I also see many who proclaim to be Christian who either deflect or justify their sin nature to avoid any and ALL accountability which is also a danger as each unrepentant person stores up a wrath of God for themselves in hellfire.

Many will also deny what is written in the word of God because “Jesus” did not say something directly as if the whole bible cannot be trusted to be obedient to God’s word. There were over 40 different authors in which Jesus was not an author of any of the books, does this mean we should deny the whole bible because “Jesus” did not write the whole thing? To say things simpler, these people do not believe the whole bible is the inspired word of God.

If you think are you a Christian because you:

  1. read the bible
  2. place your kids in christian schools and organizations
  3. you been baptized
  4. you been “confirmed”
  5. you did enough good works

If you think these things save, you do not know God at all and you do not know his power as you rely on your own power.

To get to heaven you must repent (change the way you think and live), Believe the full authority and authenticity of the bible, Follow Jesus in everything in your life.

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human lives matter shirt header

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