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Russel Cohen is a presidential candidate for 2024.



If you are tired of the two-party system Russel Cohen may be a candidate for you. Russel is running as an independent because he thinks like many Republicans on fiscal issues. Although Russel does think much like many Republicans when it comes to social issues he will work with both parties to find a middle ground to every issue to prevent overspending.

Social security needs an overhaul so that citizens can have more control over their retirement and wants to help people educate people on how to manage money better. Russel also says he would like people that are on a reasonable trajectory to have a retirement without the need for government assistance to be free to invest privately or not be taxed for retirement.

The overspending cuts he would like to be made are with the Department of Education and the IRS but slowly and compassionately. he is strong on allowing the states to compete with the best education. He would like IRS to move to a register-based consumption/fair tax similar to the one already considered the US House is already considering.

Russel is a second amendment supporter with some exceptions of the gun control laws we have in America are reasonable and needed. As for America, I only support gun control as it relates to:

  1. Mental health determinations/adjudications
  2. Loss of gun rights due to violent crimes adjudicated
  3. Bump stocks and similar gun enhancers
  4. Excessively large magazines
  5. Excessively high-powered ammunition
  6. So-called assault weapons

To find out more about Russel Cohen go to his website by clicking here

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